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Harry Potter and the Da Vinci Book of Sudoku

Posted by Dan on 12/6/2009

If any blockbuster title's going to get your attention this summer, it's that one - cheers, David O'Doherty.

I really thought about posting a blockbusting collection of technical tidbits and web-based wonder today. No, really.

I sat down and considered all of the recent tech news and scoured the blogosphere for some juicy morsels in which you, the discerning OTB blog reader, might find interest.

  • I read the iPhone 3GS and 3.0 update from Apple with much delight, as I enjoy being able to cut and paste. Maybe I'd compose something about tethering and how it is freaking sweet.
  • I pondered Twitter's impending doom this weekend and whether it would actually break. I hope it does so Ashton Kutcher cries.
  • I deliberated buying a Mac for my development, then Smashing Magazine kindly informed me that I didn't need one. I was pleased, as I don't have 70 squillion pounds to spend.
  • I jumped for joy at Futurama's return - then realised I was really geeky for doing so. I then figured it came with the job, so was alright with it.
I was going to author a post of pure magnificence about all of these things...

...but then I thought, 'sod it'. If I've learned anything in the past few weeks, it's that creativity seldom resides inside the box; more specifically, the 'Add New Blog Post' box.

So I wrote a comedy song with my housemate about the internet instead. You can download it here!

Beware - it contains some themes that nuns/your boss may find offensive, although we do not swear. We are good boys.


6/12/2009 1:17:22 PM

Nice one Dan. You win I reckon.


4/4/2011 10:51:12 AM

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6/5/2012 10:56:14 PM

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