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Sorry, I spent it on myself

Posted by on 2/12/2013

As the month of December is finally upon us and the second doors of our advent calendars are open, the majority of Christmas advertising campaign releases have been and gone. The typically warm, festive and emotional adverts complete with polar bears, Santa hats and Christmas puddings have provided us with that comforting feeling that surrounds the Christmas period. However, going against the tradition and providing Christmas campaigns with a whole different message seems to be the latest trend this year, as fast food giant KFC and high end retailer Harvey Nichols are promoting very different messages this Christmas.

After one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year, the majority of us have been focusing on purchasing gifts for our friends and family. However, Harvey Nichols have shifted the focus from others onto selfishness and indulgence this Christmas, with their ‘Sorry, I spent it on myself’ festive campaign. The iconic department store have produced a tongue-in-cheek advert urging shoppers to spend more on themselves this Christmas. The television advert sees family and friends eagerly unwrapping gifts only to come across a less than impressive range of ‘Sorry I spent it on myself’ gifts. The collection comprises of paperclips, biros, Christmas lunch in a tin, toothpicks, sink plugs and many more low cost gifts. The department store have bucked the trend and provided customers with a bit of fun to take the edge off the recent seriousness of Christmas shopping, whilst encouraging customers to treat themselves this year. However, you won’t be able to get your hands on the product range seen in the video, as ironically, they have sold out.

Adopting another alternative message this year, fast food retailer KFC have released a mock Christmas number one song as part of their festive campaign. Poking fun at the traditional heart-warming Christmas adverts, the restaurant chain have recorded a Christmas single titled ‘Come Together’, which features groups of family and friends who have fallen out, and shows how KFC chicken can reunite enemies this Christmas. Although the message is similar to other retailers this Christmas, the chicken restaurant are clearly mocking the emotional element featured in current adverts through lyrics such as ‘typically I hate your guts, and I’d try to kill you, but one of everybody’s vices, is 11 herbs and spices”. The campaign ties in with a week-long Twitter campaign which allows fans to reunite with their enemies this Christmas. The advert caused a huge level ‘buzz’ online when it was released on Saturday evening, and it accurately pinpoints the brands key message of bringing people together over a shared great taste.

Although the traditional emotional and Christmassy campaigns has been popular this year with animals, festive food and sparkly lights, it seems that alternative adverts such as those produced by KFC and Harvey Nichols have really grabbed our attention and are encouraging us to discuss the brands online.

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