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Sports Relief

Posted by Jo & Katie on 21/3/2012

As I am sure you know Sports relief is this Friday to Sunday, which is a series of events to raise money for people living unbearably tough live in the UK and around the world. Not only is the work they do for these people outstanding, but the activities and events that have had months and months of planning are equally as impressive.
What astonishes me the most is how everyone knows about it. Marketing and advertising in this day and age has lead to an endless target market, whereby, if you have enough backing, you can literally contact the world. With social media, websites, television and impossibly short turnarounds on products and distribution, products and services can be globally known within days.
The expanse of mediums is a large contribution to worldwide advertising and we can only see this range increasing. A great example is the introduction of the internet and online material; even though print has begun to fade out of the industry, and will continue to fade, it will never disappear and we will always need print. As we look to the future, we value the importance of staying ahead of the trends to create inventive and strategic ways to advertise and market our clients, all part of the turbulent world of marketing!
Here at OTB, several of our members will be participating in Sports relief events and doing our bit to raise funds. Make sure this year you do your bit too.


6/5/2012 10:57:37 PM

Lezlie Almy

12/23/2012 10:16:08 AM

You're right. It's important not to be selfish.

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